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Cumin Seed


OTHER NAME : Jeera, كمون, Comino

BOTANICAL NAME : Cuminum cyminum




  • Cumin contains thymol, that helps promote the production of saliva, bile and other enzymes responsible for food digestion
  • The aromatic compound Cuminaldehyde helps to induce secretion of digestive juices just by the aroma
  • Cumin is a rich source of iron
  • A spoonful of cumin is useful to reduce body fat and thus useful in weight loss treatment
  • Cumin contains high levels of the substance melatonin, which helps regulate sleep cycles

Side Effects:

  • There are no known side effects with Kala Jeera in the said dosage
  • Like we saw, it is used in mothers, soon after delivery and also in kids
  • There is no record to say that it is unsafe during pregnancy. However, it is best to avoid during pregnancy

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