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Dill Seed

  • Dill (Anethum graveolens) is an annual herb in the celery family Apiaceae. Dill seed, having a flavor similar to caraway but also resembling that of fresh or dried dill weed, is used as a spice. Dill seeds may be used in breads or akvavit. In Arab countries, dill seed, called ain jaradeh (grasshopper’s eye), is used as a spice in cold dishes such as fattoush and pickles. It is also be used to prepare herbal tea.

OTHER NAME – Sowa, Dillweed, Aneth, Aneth Odorant, Dilly.

BOTANICAL NAME – Anethum graveolens.

Dill seed is used both whole and ground as a condiment in soups, salads, processed meats, sausages and pickling.
Dill stems and blossom heads are used for dill pickles. The essential oil is used in the manufacture of soaps.
Both seeds and oil are used in indigenous medicinal preparations. The emulsion of dill oil in water is an aromatic carminative.

Dill Seed major constituents Carvone (41.15 %), limonene (23%), camphor (9.25%), dihydrocarvone (3.75%), butyl acetate (2.65%), dill apiole (1.65%) and dill ether (1.02%).